Online Course:
Incorporating Effective Dream Work into Counseling Practice:
Putting the Five Star Method to Work

If you are interested in learning an innovative approach to dream analysis, then please feel free to take this online course. It is currently offered as a CE course for licensed counselors, in collaboration with Atlantic University in Virginia Beach.

This online course is a fine introduction to the approach to dream analysis that I teach in my online dream analysis mentoring and certification program through DreamStartm Institute, at If you are interested in an in-depth mentoring, or certification in this approach, please check out the DreamStar site.

Register by emailing me and letting me know that you'd like to take the course. I will then look forward to receiving your quiz and survey at the end of the course. I will also contact you afterward to ask you some further questions regarding the amount of time that you spent on the course, so please log your time spent.

The course will not cost you anything during this time, but neither will CEs will awarded until (and unless) NBCC approves Atlantic University as a certified CE provider. That application process will soon be underway.

Note: You need high-speed internet and Quicktime to view the videos! If you have a Mac, you should have Quicktime, but if you have a PC, you might need to download a free copy of Quicktime Player.

Download Quicktime

Complete the following steps in the order they are listed:

Step One:
View Introductory Video
13 minutes
"An Introduction to 'Incorporating Effective Dream Work
into Counseling Practice: Putting the Five Star Method to Work'"

Step Two:
If you are an academic, or a licensed therapist interested in receiving CEs when and if they become available, then read the main Course Text:
"The Five Star Method: A Relational Dream Work Methodology Based on Cocreative Dream Theory

If, however, you are a lay dream worker, and simply interested in learning an effective way to work with your dreams, you can skip reading the Course Text.

Step Three:
Open Handout
One-Page Summary of the Five Star Method

Step Four:
View Demonstration Video:
40 minutes
"Demonstrating the Five Star Method"

Step Five:
View Slideshow Workshop
"Putting the Five Star Method to Work"

Step Six:
Take Dream Course Quiz
This is optional, unless you happen to be a student of mine, who needs to complete it for credit. I will also receive a report of your performance via email.
Take quiz

Step Seven:
Take Dream Course Survey
Thank you for completing the survey! It will help me improve the course.
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