Website Development and Management

After spending over a decade studying website management, and working with search engine optimization strategies, I am now offering my services professionally. Some of the sites that I have done are:

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My "basic" website includes the following:

  • Consulting with you on branding yourself, clarifying your purposes, and writing impactful statements that will appeal to your customer base.
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  • Creating a look and feel that meets your prior approval
  • Creating a Flash header (three rotating images that you supply)
  • Creating up to 15 "static pages" that describe your services, and require little maintenance over time

  • Incorporating a store tied to Paypal, allowing for credit card charges without requiring you to have your own credit card account
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  • Installing a blog page that automatically imports your Google blog, affording you realtime control over updates. If you'd rather have a Wordpress blog, that can be installed as an alternative.
  • Installing calendar page that imports your Google calendar, affording you realtime control
  • Installing a web forum, affording you realtime administrative control over forums
  • Producing a slideshow page so you can illustrate your work, or tell a story
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  • Embedding Youtube or proprietary server-based videos if you wish
  • Employing accordion-style services and events pages
  • Incorporation of search engine optimization strategies to give your site the best ranking possible

Other options include the installation of PhPBB, Moodle, and other php site-enhancing scripts.

Once the site is complete, you may manage it yourself with the appropriate software, or pay me to do updates and enhancements as needed.