G. Scott Sparrow, EdD, LPC, LMFT

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Incorporating Effective Dream Work into Counseling Practice:
Putting the Five Star Method to Work

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Balancing Transpersonal Perspectives in Counseling
with Conventional Ethical Requirements

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Incorporating Informed Love into Your Counseling Practice
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These courses may soon be offered as CE courses through Atlantic University in Virginia Beach.

If you would like to take either or both of them, please register by emailing me and letting me know that you'd like to take the course. I will then look forward to receiving your quiz and survey at the end of the course. I may also contact you afterward to ask you some further questions regarding the amount of time that you spent on the course, so please log your time spent.

The course will not cost you anything during this time, but neither will CEs will awarded until Atlantic University’s application for institutional provider status. That application process will soon be underway.

Thank you -- Dr. Scott Sparrow